Ibadan Job Connect


1. Make sure they have a quality online footprint: Before you apply for a job or after you received a job invite from a company, make sure you do proper online research on the company. Many scams and fake jobs/companies don’t have the time and skill to establish their online presence. Make sure they are on the common social media platforms i.e. Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. A serious company will also have a website so be on the lookout at that. Also, make sure there is enough activity on these social media accounts at least two to one social media account should be active. On the company’s website look for testimonials, what people have to say about the company.

2. Make sure their contact address is consistent across all platforms: Try as much as possible to pay attention to their contact address. Try to learn as much as you can about the company. If there is no website, be wary of the company. If the company has a website, try to cross-reference it on Google with email addresses, phone numbers, and so on. If the two do not match, reconsider the company’s offer i.e if the contact they give on Instagram is different from the one present on their website or any other social media platform you should be concerned.

Be concerned if they request a fee: This is common with recruitment agencies. The only time a recruitment agency will request any money is when they have secured the job for you which they should have informed you during the interview process. It is a fee you’re paying for their services of getting you that job. If you are applying directly to a company like say Dangote PLC then if a fee is asked from you to be able to get the job you should be concerned. You can visit the company’s website and contact them if a fee is required to be able to get the job. Even if you have to pay for anything make sure you have been given employment.

They get offended if you ask some questions: Whenever you call the front desk or speak with anyone in a recruitment agency, they should be respectful and polite with whatever questions you are having, but when the response you get when asking some vital questions triggers a hash tone from the company that should be concerning. A company or recruitment agency should be able to give contact information without anyone being offended. They would not want to be exposed so they keep the conversation very short. As a job seeker also make sure you ask relevant questions relating to the job.

The salary is too good to be true: If a top organization says you will be paid N150,000 as front desk officer no eyes brow would be raided but imagine a smaller organization you don’t know much about offers you that same amount with lesser things to do then you should look more into the job offer. Most job scammers leverage on the situation in the country and they use high pay to lure in their prey.



When you’re offered the job with no or minimal interview: You applied for a job and you get a call congratulating you for being selected for the job offer, doesn’t that sound alarming? No genuine company will hire you without first meeting with you to determine whether or not you are qualified for the job. Be cautious of jobs like this when you come across them.

Change in the channel of communication: When you keep getting moved from one person to another during the interview process without a solid reason, that is not a good sign. You should be careful when they tend to move you from one channel of communication to another channel disguising all in the bid that you have to move to the next stage of the interview in order to lobby you the more and make unreasonable demands such as payment for employment letters.