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How to Answer the Question “Tell me about yourself?” in an interview.


Introduction: “TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF?” is an excellent question that serves as a medium that helps you as an interviewee to pitch yourself to an interviewer, and also helps you to prepare your ground from the start.

Structuring your response to this very open question will surely help you guide the interview in your favor.


“Tell Me About Yourself?” is the first question you are engaged in most times in an interview.


This question will give the interviewer the first impression of you. If not well answered, it can affect the rest of the interview and ultimately lowers your chances amongst the rest of the interviewers.


You sure know this is not a date question and your answers should not include your street or date of birth. This question should be about your name, your experiences, and how you can be an asset to the company.


We can structure your response to this question into four categories which are;


  1. Personal details: Talk about your name, strengths, ability, experience, and hard skills that you possess that can help the company. Everything you are saying should be from the work context. Be at peace and confident in your speech. Let the interviewer have an impression that you know what you’re doing.
  1. Experience: You must be able to talk about your educational experiences and mention your previous work experience that applies to the job you are applying for.
  1. Present: Talk about your current role, the scope, and recent accomplishment.
  1. Future: Segue into your expectations, values, reasons you are interested in the job, and how you can be profitable to the organization.


Conclusively, an interview is not a meet and greet. Dress corporately, smile nicely, and speak with confidence. This will help your interviewer consider you for the job. A message of good luck from Ibadanjobconnect.