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Have a Professional Portfolio

Have a Professional Portfolio

Years ago, only artists and other creative professionals had portfolios. These days, every professional can benefit from having one.
The real purpose of a Portfolio is to provide tangible proof of your value in the workplace, and there’s a whole host of ways to do that.
From outlining project descriptions and showcasing work samples to offering up letters of reference and customer reviews, a portfolio can document your professional accomplishments in any way that makes sense for your gig. It provides insight into your personality and work ethic.
A professional portfolio can help in circumstances where you want to make a strong impression, provide proof of your value, and differentiate yourself from your competition such as job interviews, performance reviews, and salary negotiations and promotions.
Here are a few things that you can include when setting up your Portfolio:
– Your resume or professional bio
– Letters of recommendation
– Client feedback, letters, or emails
– Awards and recognitions
– List of training and courses completed
– Work samples
– Project outlines or write-ups
– A list of key accomplishments