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Why Choose Us

At Ibadan Job Connect, we’re highly specialized and have in-depth knowledge of recruitment and employment procedures across all major sectors in Nigeria. We help our clients access the right talent, at the right time with the appropriate use of the right measures, at different levels such as management or board level, an executive appointment, a permanent hire, a contract, outsourced, intern, offshore and-or onshore – whatever helps our clients to achieve their goals. 

Fast Hiring Process

We get to work fast in finding the best talent for your job vacancies. We understand that work must continue so we don't waste time in getting you the best candidate for your job openings.

Low Fees

We are very considerate with our charges. We understand their is a lot that goes into hiring the right talent and staff management so we balance that with our fees.

Large Talent Pool

Ibadan Job Connect is the top recruitment agency in the city of Ibadan that is why we attract a large pool of talents form within and even outside the city of Ibadan.

International & Remote

In the times we are now, where remoting working is the order of the day. We recruit and manage your remote staffs. We also recruit feign talents for your any job requirement you may need.

Experienced HR Mangers

We pride ourselves in having experienced and qualified HR managers with relevant field qualifications. We also so have a legal team to help with any legal advise.

Custom Consulting

We not only recruit for you we also counsel you on how to get the best out of your staff. Our HR managers are always on ground to help with any questions you have.

Here's what some clients
think of our work...

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Ibadan Job Connect have been patient with us concerning our demanding job opening. The HR manages have always helped in getting us the best candidate for our job vacancies. 

Bode Olubowale

DV Nigeria 

Before we employed the services of Ibadan job connect we have had major fails in recruiting the right talent for our job opening. IJC presently recruited all our staff and we are grateful for that.  

Charles Majekodumi

Slack inc.

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