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Why is LinkedIn Important for Job seekers?

Linkedin is a networking platform for both recruiters and job seekers. Linked In is a free platform that is important in this age and time, helping to connect people and share their experiences, skills, and qualifications.

Linked In is not only about connection but also about how you sell yourself as an asset through your post, your skills, your conversation, and your reply to people’s posts.

Linked In helps you build trust and convinces HR managers and recruiters why they should choose you. The feature where you can learn/prepare your CV/Resume, and be ready to make sails on the Linked In app adds to their brand differentiation.

Why Linkedin is important for job seekers.

Linkedin is useful for job seekers because it opens them to varieties; It does not limit you to a particular job. Linkedin helps you have an insight into what people in your field are doing, how you can develop yourself, build yourself with useful skill sets, learn new things and stay updated.


How to optimise your profile on Linkedin for Easy Job-hunting selection:

  1. Build your brand: There are thousands of people doing the same thing. What other things can you offer? So what do you do? This is where the branding comes in. Let your profile showcase the value you will add as a job seeker. The headline, summary, and experience should be in detail.
  1. Complete your profile: Completing your profile will put you more out and make you appear more on Linkedin. An uncompleted profile won’t let recruiters get interested in you.
  1. Choose a professional picture: Your profile picture should be professional. Dress corporately and make sure the pictures come out clearly in a well-lit environment.
  1. Experience: Experience is a good head start as a job seeker. However, if you do not have experience, volunteer for jobs, and do internship programs and get hard skills. You will also get a notification for an internship on Linkedin.


  1. Be an Active user: It is not enough to update your profile picture and ghost. You need to be active to see opportunities, connect and learn. When you are active, it will help you see jobs early.


  1. License and Certification: This boosts trust in your recruiter. License and certification help to confirm that you have gone through processes and they can be sure to commit to you.


  1. The job description and resume should not contradict each other. Go through the job description properly before applying.


Finally, Linkedin is important because it allows many connections, where you can show yourself as a valuable asset. Linkedin has made things easy for you. Ensure you use it properly. GoodLuck!